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how can i help?

well good friends i know that you have a few questions and i can help answer some of them. i can't answer every question but some i can explain our mission.

Worker with Ladder

how to volunteer

so one of your questions might be, "jon, i love the mission so much. can i volunteer and help others too?" and the answer is always yes we accept volunteers at both our locations in both bridgman and sawyer all you have to do is come to the warehouse or fill out one of our forms and we can get you in and best of all it has perks


what if i can't volunteer but i still want to help others?

well my good friend we accept donations of just about any and all things in fact that is how we get all our items to assist others we do have a few key items we won't take for your safety and ours

1. stained or torn furniture

2. stained or torn mattress's or box springs

2. tube or box tv's

3. firearms newer then 1939

so i can hear your thoughts from here "jon, you said there was perks for volunteering what perks could i get?" well volunteering at our location in bridgmen allows you to get 5 free items from the building as well as being able to list it in your wonderful resume 

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